Google Panda Punishes Some, Boosts YouTube

New information from Searchmetrics uncover that, and were among a biggest losers. Consumer sites like Motor Trend and record blogs The Next Web and Technorati also mislaid poignant belligerent given a update. The biggest leader in Google’s Panda update? YouTube, Google’s possess Web property.

Tweaking The Results

Searchmetrics measures a SEO visibility of sites around a Web. It has tracked Panda’s impact given chronicle 1 and found that formula have fluctuated significantly in any unbroken update. The Panda 2.3 refurbish in Jul easy a page arrange of some sites that were heavily impacted by Panda 1, and a new 2.5 refurbish seems to have corrected that reversal.

Impact On The Big Sites

In absolute numbers, vital sites like Myspace, Amazon, and Huffington Post have all mislaid SEO prominence given a Panda update. Myspace was during a tip of a list, losing 421,370 places. That amounts to a detriment of about 13%.

Marcus Tober of Searchmetrics says that this can’t be conclusively attributed to Panda, since a large losers in relations terms mislaid 50% or some-more of their page arrange visibility. The Searchmetrics report cleans adult a list by usually focusing on sites that mislaid large in both relations and comprehensive terms.

Panda’s Latest Winners

The sites that gained belligerent in a Panda 2.5 refurbish embody creditable sites like YouTube,, Zappos and a Washington Post. It’s value observant that Youtube and, both Google properties, any gained by 10% in this update, with YouTube commanding a comprehensive list of gains.

Google maintains that a Panda updates are conducted meticulously with only a users’ interests during heart, and it backs that adult with an endless list of criteria. But eyebrows always lift when Google creates an composition to hunt that benefits a possess sites.

To learn some-more about how Google defines peculiarity and builds it into a hunt algorithms, check out this in-depth row contention with Amit Singhal, Matt Cutts and Ben Gomes, some of Google’s tip hunt people:

What do we consider of a sites on this list? Did Google do a right thing by shortening their page rank? Let’s plead in a comments.

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